Who’s the Victim?

Ok guys, so the post for today has to do with something very dear to my heart, something that has been coming up a lot these days. Maybe it’s just me, but I get the sense that it is happening on a global scale.

I wanted to share it with you, my dear readers, because the truth is I want some company on this path that I am on. No one needs to do this alone. So, if you’re brave enough or intrigued in the slightest to take the first step, read on.

Sometime in your life, for everyone on the planet there is going to be a choice that you need to make. If you are reading this blog, you probably have something that makes you a little different. Whether it’s white patches or something else, you have a unique way of seeing things already. A series of events that happened in your life led you to this place where you are now and you are starting to look deeper. At your life, at the things going on in the world around you. There is a lot of good, a lot of evil, and a lot of gray area. This is the way it is, so let go the judgment for now.

So, after you stop the noise, turn off the TV, say goodbye to your friends, at the end of the day you’re left with yourself.
And that’s an amazing thing, because you have complete creation rights to your life and how you see it. From your health, to your passions, to the friends you keep, to what you do, that is all in your hands. What does the world look like? Is it out of control, everything bad always happening to you? Are you sad, fearful, ADD, or just a nice guy, always pleasing everyone?

Recently I was feeling hopeless, like the world was conspiring to crush me, and that was something I felt quite often. Then someone came into my life who took a stand for me. They said, No, I was no longer allowed to take the role of victim. What? That came as a shock because I suddenly realized it was my default state of being for when things got a little tough. I think it took awhile for this kind of tough love to really sink in (and thankfully it finally did). So if I was this victim then: 1. Where did it come from, and 2. How could I change it?

Where it came from: One day you’re a happy healthy kid and then… there it is, oh my god, white patches. Now something is wrong, and no one knows what to do, and suddenly it becomes poor kid, everyone protect her. In my case, add to that being a naturally empathic and highly sensitive girl who didn’t do “normal” girl stuff. I was fascinated with martial arts and weapons (awesome knife collection!) and spending too much time alone (creating!). Somehow the concept I accepted was that I was “weird” and “antisocial” and needed to fix the way I was. I would never be pretty enough, smart enough or good enough to be capable and loved. What developed was the self image of something always being fundamentally wrong. I think we all have this in some form, especially those of us with vitiligo, but it could come from anywhere.

The truth is we are all perfect the way we are, and each of us forgets that. It’s ok, I’m here to help you remember.

I have chosen to not take the role of victim anymore. Done. Who else wants to join me?

This awakening, I have to say, is not the easiest thing. Years of programming will make it feel like reality is crumbling away sometimes. It is rough. But it is also a new quiet strength, and it opens a lot of doors. The good thing is you can’t go back, once you make that choice. You go on, and you attract others along the same path, pursuing whatever it is they need. And you find one another and you gain support. You are bigger than you were yesterday.

Be brave, you guys, and stand up for your entire being. You have a gift and the world needs to see it. If you ever find yourself lost, take strength in that we are all going through this life together. Be a little weird and own it.

That’s all for today.


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