Next Steps

My brother called me, with a proud and anxious tone that I’ve never heard before. “What’s next?” he asked. “You can’t just let this go.” It’s been about a month since the success of the beach party and I had been focusing on other projects. I started to tell him I was just glad to have a break, and I really didn’t know what was next. It was definitely clear that there needed to be follow up, but what now?

The very next day was the support group meeting organized by Dr. Grimes and her staff in her LA office. The house was packed. I looked around that room and saw so much emotion and warmth.  It is clear that there is a next step now. What that will be is going to worked out in the next few months. I will tell you that this has the potential to be very big.

So the topic for today is a call to all of you, my readers and followers. What is it that you need?

Is it a place to meet others going through the same thing? Is it it to discuss what treatments are available? And yes, there are treatments that work, and many positive results have been occurring, especially with kids.

Do you want more public or private events? Do you want to be a part of something that is going to effect the world?

Tell me what you need. I am listening.


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