Two Weeks To Go

Only a couple more weeks until the first event takes place, here in Santa Monica, CA. I’ve been contacted by people as far away as England, Uganda, India, Cambodia, Hawaii…and in this country: Texas, New York, Seattle, Las Vegas, California, Florida. I’ve received several new bios and photos from the questionnaire that I hope to post soon. I am very excited that there has been such a response, so please keep them coming! With each new email I get inspired to know that people are finding something meaningful in what I am doing with this project.

Here’s where to find us on Saturday, June 29th. This is an event like no other. There are a couple of conferences happening this summer if you’re into that but if you are local, or looking for a fun, laid back way to connect with others this is the place. We’ve got an amazing group gathering now of people from all walks of life with positive energy that will affirm and support your soul. We’ve even got stickers! So, how can you not show up? Oh, bring some shade so you’ll be comfortable, and anything else you might need for a day at the beach.

Location is just south of Santa Monica Pier, just look for the EZ up and Banner with the More Than My Skin logo. Map is below… just plan to leave time for beach traffic in LA. See you all very soon!


In my next blog I will feature the incredible story of an awesome guy from Hawaii named Jonah. Look for it soon!


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