DO Talk to Strangers

While out on a motorcycle ride today I randomly met two adult men with vitiligo. Synchronicity? You think? Perhaps, or is suddenly vitiligo showing up everywhere? LA is vast. I asked them politely if what they had was vitiligo. I followed that immediately with “…because I have it too” and showed them my arms.

The more people with Vit I meet and talk to it becomes clearer and clearer that there is more to this dis-ease than genetics or randomness. With the people I have spoken with there is usually some high stress thing that occurs right before the onset. I feel there is a direct relation with what’s going on inside, manifesting on the outside. But everybody has stress. We all do. That includes kids, especially kids, because they are so open and trusting. We as adults have grown hardened from life and are quick to dismiss what we can’t handle with all the other responsibilities we’ve got going on. I just don’t want to dismiss this as just something out of our control, like genetics, etc. It doesn’t make it ok to just dismiss it and later get sick over it. Especially with kids and teens, I feel it is so important to find out what is going on with them, and really ask, and be there to listen. Maybe there is something really deep going on and causing a lot of emotional pain.

Louise L. Hay has some books called You Can Heal Your Life, and Heal the Body, which I am re-reading now. Here is an excerpt regarding the skin:

“Our skin represents our individuality. Skin problems usually mean we feel our individuality is being threatened somehow. We feel that others have power over us. We are thin-skinned. Things tend to get under our skin.”

Specifically on Vitiligo she says:

“Probable cause: Feeling outside of things. Not belonging. Not one of the group.
New Thought Pattern: I am at the very center of Life, and I am totally connected in Love.”

Whether you agree with her or not, I have found great comfort from these two books, and I am consciously doing the work to restore my love of self. Another affirmation of great help to me lately is “I approve of myself.” You may find reading these two books helpful on your own path.

I was also asked today, What about me? What treatment am I doing? I’m not. Its been such a part of me my whole life and it really doesn’t occur to me as worth fixing anymore. And now with what direction my life has taken, it actually has become like a key, unlocking the door to a total stranger’s life. It allows me to approach people in a way I wouldn’t have before and to hear their story. Sometimes it’s their most intimate struggle, and you would miss it just going about your normal day. I feel the world is awakening, to a new appreciation for others and a new way of being, where we return to what really matters for each of us as human beings, all here on this earth at this time.

The strangers I spoke to today have already been changed, just by my noticing them, and inquiring about their experience. I have too. I might not have the answer they are looking for, the cure, or the reason why it happened in the first place.  But what I gave them was just letting them know that they were seen. And maybe that was just the thing they were waiting for.


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