New Medical Television Programme Looking for People with Vitiligo

This might be of interest to some of you…. New Medical Television Programme Looking for People with Vitiligo Optomen Television, the BAFTA award-winning producers of Mary Portas: Queen of Shops, Kevin McCloud’s Man Made Home and Heston Blumenthal’s Feast is producing a brand new TV medical series for the Discovery Network and we need your … More New Medical Television Programme Looking for People with Vitiligo

DO Talk to Strangers

While out on a motorcycle ride today I randomly met two adult men with vitiligo. Synchronicity? You think? Perhaps, or is suddenly vitiligo showing up everywhere? LA is vast. I asked them politely if what they had was vitiligo. I followed that immediately with “…because I have it too” and showed them my arms. The … More DO Talk to Strangers

Next Steps

My brother called me, with a proud and anxious tone that I’ve never heard before. “What’s next?” he asked. “You can’t just let this go.” It’s been about a month since the success of the beach party and I had been focusing on other projects. I started to tell him I was just glad to … More Next Steps

Our First LA Event

One week ago MTMS held it’s first event. The 2013 Vitiligo Beach Party took place on Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles, CA, on June 29th from 12-5pm. We had close to 20 attendees, including people with vitiligo, family and friends. Ranging from age 9 through the 30’s, our group of vitiligans consisted of students, … More Our First LA Event


I can’t believe it’s only one more week until I get to meet some of the amazing people who’ve been contacting me since I started this project. Each of your stories are deeply personal and familiar to me. I know that they will be read and enjoyed by others going through their own journey. Feel … More Jonah

Two Weeks To Go

Only a couple more weeks until the first event takes place, here in Santa Monica, CA. I’ve been contacted by people as far away as England, Uganda, India, Cambodia, Hawaii…and in this country: Texas, New York, Seattle, Las Vegas, California, Florida. I’ve received several new bios and photos from the questionnaire that I hope to … More Two Weeks To Go

Curing Vitiligo

Recently I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror as I was getting ready for work. I was naked. And I just stood there and looked for awhile instead of putting on makeup, or doing my hair. And what I saw was a woman…a really fair skinned woman. I saw some darker areas, faint traces … More Curing Vitiligo